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Vladimir Dahl. Russian Dictionary
The second edition of Vladimir Dalís famous, groundbreaking mid-nineteenth century dictionary, packed with interesting cultural material, sayings and idioms, dialectical variants, etc. The dictionary includes about 44,000 entries.
Russian Dictionary (edited by D.Ushakov)
Ushakovís excellent four-volume dictionary from the 1930ís (possibly the best Russian explanatory dictionary and the dictionary from which Ozhegovís popular dictionary was derived). The dictionary includes above 89,000 entries.
Russian Accidence Dictionary
The dictionary contains more than 178,000 entries.
Vladimir Dashevsky. Reverse dictionary of the Russian language
The dictionary contains about 172,000 words listed in reverse lexicographic order.
Vladimir Dashevsky. Comprehensive dictionary of Russian rhymes
The dictionary contains above 183,000 rhyme-forms (86,000 of them are rhymeable), which cover about 3,226,000 rhyme-components, generated from 173,000 words.
Volodymyr Dashevsky. Comprehensive dictionary of Ukrainian rhymes
The dictionary contains above 288,000 rhyme-forms (124,000 of them are rhymeable), which cover about 4,468,000 rhyme-components (2,865,000 of them are unique), generated from 258,000 words.
Russian Synodal Bible (Canonical books)
The Holy Writ books of Old and New Testament canonical in Russian (Synodal edition).
Archimandrite Nikifor. Popular Bible Encyclopaedia (In Russian)
Comprehensive Popular Bible Encyclopaedia by Russian Orthodox Archimandrite Nikifor. First Russian edition published in 1891. The dictionary includes above 4,500 entries.
Vladimir Vikhlyantsev. Bible Dictionary (In Russian)
Full and detailed Bible Dictionary for Russian Canonical Bible, includes above 4,500 entries.
Ukrainian Reverse Dictionary
The dictionary includes above 186,000 entries.