Archimandrite Nikifor
Popular Bible Encyclopaedia (1891).
The dictionary includes above 4,500 entries.

Edition VERY Ltd., Israel, 2002-2003

The present computer edition (ver. ) was prepared in   by the program n-Cyclop, developed by company VERY Ltd., Israel.
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†  The book text includes links on the Holy Writ. To get possibility to use them you need to install our edition of the "Bible".


The proposed republication is based on the 1891 edition. The text was translated in the modern Russian spelling.
The following changes are maked in the source text:

  • the entries were re-arranged in order of the modern Russian alphabet order;
  • the references on the Bible were standardized;
  • the most of references on other sources were deciphered;
  • rare abbreviations were deciphered on their places in the text;
  • the rest of abbreviations were unified.
    The present edition does not include the illustrations which were in the source, mainly, because they lost their topicality.