How to use this reference

This book was created with Automatic Hypertext Reference Generating Program n-Cyclop developed by the VERY Ltd. company and based on Help system, developed by Microsoft.

The text of reference is displayed in window devided into two panels: the Navigation panel on left is intended for various navigation methods, the Viewer panel on right - for displaying the text of articles; in addition there is a Toolbar on top, were you can execute several built-in functions pressing appropriate buttons.

  • The Viewer panel

  • The Navigation panel

    The Navigation panel contains Tabs "Contents", "Index", "Search" and "Favorites". Clicking an entry in Contents, Index or Favorites you will display the corresponding topic (page) of a reference. Using Sreach you can locate every topic with one or more occurrences of specified a word or a phrase in a reference.

  • The Contents

  • The Index

  • The Favorites

  • The Search
  • The Toolbar

  • The Alphabetical Index

  • Other functions