n-Cyclop n-Cyclop
Application for automatic creating of dictionaries and encyclopedia in CHM format with most powerful search capabilities and convenient interface. Source files is a simple HTML.
CDswitch CDswitch
This utility provides an easy and convenient access to the most frequent CD device operations and settings. Using just 16x16 pixels of your screen space CDswitch displays literally all relevant information about current state of your CD drives. Recognizes media of various formats, and enables operations peculiar to the current format. No pushing CD drive button anymore! Supports user interface on different languages.
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CharMapX CharMapX
You can use the application to view characters that are available in any selected font.
Using the application, you can search for characters by Unicode character name, Unicode subrange, and other ways.
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VerMap VerMap
Comparison and synchronization of files by their version in two folder paths.
For instance, using the program you can achieve the most updated and consistent modification of your Windows operation system; however, it is intended most of all for computer professionals, because improper use may lead to complete corruption of the system.
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ContourX ContourX
This utility allows you to compute the external contour of a connected convex planar figure.
It automatically builds a draft version of a contour, and then gives to user a visual interface to make necessary corrections.
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Factors Factor Calculator
Executes factorization for specified numbers, calculates Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple for them; executes cancellation of same factors.
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BookDesk Family BookDesk
Allows viewing of TXT, HTML and RTF files in any encoding having a font on your computer. The program saves the "bookmarks" of files have been opened, as well as the history of reading for every one of any number of users. No search for the place you stopped after somebody dared read your book!
PlayDesk Family PlayDesk
Allows you to listen to record albums (e.g. audio books). The program saves the data ("bookmarks") of audio files and albums have been opened, as well as the history of listening for every one of any number of users. No search for the place you stopped after somebody dared listen your book!
SysLife SysLife
System Life Time Monitor
Outfix Family Fonts
The Outfixed Special Font is a raster type font, having multilanguage support. See most exotic encoded text before converting!
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