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Your computer has more than one CD ROM drive.
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Type a keyboard shortcut that you press to open or close a CD drive door:

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CDswitch will start automatically the next time you start Windows.

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This utility provides an easy and convenient access to the most frequent CD device operations and settings.
CDswitch is fully compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/10.

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CDswitch in more languages

If you whould like to have CDswitch with user interface in your native language, you can make a contribution on translation.
See the details below.
Would you like to have full information about contents of your CD drives without opening them?
Do you wish to secure your CDs against accidental ejection and damage in consequence?
Are you bothered with CDs forgotten in the drive after computer is turned off?
Tired with crushing the CD drive button?

So CDswitch is what you need!

Using just 16x16 pixels of your screen space CDswitch displays literally all relevant information about current state of your CD drives.
CDswitch was designed in such a way that you should not change your routine mode of work with CDs, but at the same time it gives you a lot of new convinient and easy-to-use features.

All Features

Is suitable for all types of CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW devices
Recognizes media of various formats: data, audio, VCD/SVCD, DVD, blank (writable), erasable (re-writable), and enables operations peculiar to the current format only
Supports CD Text™ for CD-DA
Handles multiple CD drives.
If no drive letter was specified while your system recognizes more than one CD drive, you receive the Drive Choice dialog box
Starts on system startup as system tray icon for each drive managed, then is controlled by right-click menu
The system tray icon indicates the format and content type of media inserted, or empty drive, or open drive door, as well as a logical drive letter.
You can customize the letter color for each managed drive separately
Shows the volume label of a disk inserted as a tooltip on its icon
Supports the drive door opening/closing by double-click on its icon, as well as by a hotkey combination.
You can assign a hotkey for each managed drive separately. The hotkey is shown in first menu item Open CD Door
Can be tuned to close automatically a drive door open in 2 minutes
Can lock (disable) the manual eject button on the device
Can stop idle spin of the CD drive
Allows you to decrease a reading speed of the drive. (It reduces a noise and safeguards your disks from bursting.)
Can perform eject and insert operations using command line parameters.
This allows you to use CDswitch in batch files, or to create desktop shortcuts for these functions
Can intercept the Windows Shutdown request when a media remained in a CD drive.
You receive the Confirmation Dialog that allows you to take the media out before continuing the shutdown process
At Windows Shutdown, Restart and Logoff closes the open doors automatically
Extends the Windows AutoPlay customization for different types of media
You can execute from the CDswitch menu various operations:
  • start playing a disk with the player according the disk type
  • launch media autorun
  • browse disc with a file manager
  • browse images from the disc
  • call media, drive, and device Properties
  • When executing a program from a disk (through Run Autorun menu), shows this program's icon instead of its icon all time while the program is running (supports ICO, and also ANI, AVI, and GIF animated formats)
    CDswitch for more media types

    Now CDswitch can recognize media files of the following types:
    and playlists of the types:
    If you believe a type should be added, please write us to
    Expands as its submenu the list of sound tracks, if they are present on a media inserted. It also can show sound track titles downloaded from the database
    If a media inserted into the drive is a data disk, all multimedia files are displayed in the CDswitch menu within their original folder structure
    Has the context-sensitive Help, which can be called by pressing the system Help key, or right-click on a menu item
    Informs you about its newer versions available to be downloaded on the Website
    Supports user interface on different languages

    Multilingual User Interface

    You can make a personal contribution to expansion of UI languages supported by the program. Please write us to, and we will supply all the materials needed for the translation.

    The languages currently available listed in the table below. Please send your comments and suggestions to the translators specified.

    Language Menus and dialogs Context-sensitive Help HTML Help File
  • English VERY Ltd. VERY Ltd. VERY Ltd.
  • German Friedhelm H. Nitschke not yet available not yet available
  • French Zipotron not yet available not yet available
  • Spanish Dr_Faustus not yet available not yet available
  • Hebrew Dani R. not yet available not yet available
  • Bulgarian Elina Popova not yet available not yet available
  • Russian Zeev D. Zeev D. Zeev D.
  • Ukrainian incognito not yet available not yet available
  • Czech Anna Zadvil not yet available not yet available
  • Polish ua_il not yet available not yet available
  • Romanian incognito not yet available not yet available

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