Outfix  Multi-encoding Windows Monospaced Bitmap Font

There are two important advantages of this font:
  • First of all, it includes several dozens of encoding tables, so the user need no file convertor to view any text file regardless of its exotic character set.
  • Second of all, it has very convenient dimensions, so it allows to write "in a small hand" with high legibility. Especially it is pertinent in such Source editors as Multi-Edit, MS Visual Studio, HTML and Style editors such as HomeSite, TopStyle, Style Master etc.

    The Outfix 2000 Font is a raster type font which belongs to the MODERN-fixed-pitch font family. It has character size of 8 pt (7x14 pixels), accessible symbols from 0 to 255, and includes these components:

    NameCharSetEncoding  NameCharSetEncoding
    Outfix Win Western 0ANSI-1252 Outfix ISO Latin-1 0ISO-8859-1
    Outfix Win Armenian 0  Outfix ISO Latin-2 0ISO-8859-2
    Outfix Win Georgian 0  Outfix ISO Latin-3 0ISO-8859-3
    Outfix Win Symbol 2Symbol Outfix ISO Baltic 0ISO-8859-4
      Outfix ISO Cyrillic 0ISO-8859-5
    Outfix Win Greek 161ANSI-1253 Outfix ISO Arabic 0ISO-8859-6
    Outfix Win Turkish 162ANSI-1254 Outfix ISO Greek 0ISO-8859-7
    Outfix Win Vietnamese 163ANSI-1258 Outfix ISO Hebrew Visual 0ISO-8859-8
    Outfix Win Hebrew 177ANSI-1255 Outfix ISO Hebrew Logical177ISO-8859-8-i
    Outfix L2R Hebrew 0ANSI-1255 Outfix ISO Turkish 0ISO-8859-9
    Outfix L2R Hebrew Symbol 2ANSI-1255 Outfix ISO Latin-9 0ISO-8859-15
    Outfix Win Arabic 178ANSI-1256  
    Outfix L2R Arabic 0ANSI-1256 Outfix EBCDIC US 255Cp-00037
    Outfix L2R Arabic Symbol 2ANSI-1256 Outfix EBCDIC Baltic 255Cp-01112
    Outfix Win Baltic 186ANSI-1257 Outfix EBCDIC Cyrillic 255Cp-01025
    Outfix Win Cyrillic 204ANSI-1251 Outfix EBCDIC Arabic 255Cp-00420
    Outfix Win Cyrillic-Asian204PT-154 Outfix EBCDIC Greek 255Cp-00875
    Outfix Win Thai 222ANSI-874 Outfix EBCDIC Hebrew 255Cp-00424
    Outfix Win Central Europe238ANSI-1250 Outfix EBCDIC Turkish 255Cp-01026
      Outfix EBCDIC Thai 255Cp-00838
    Outfix DOS United States 255OEM-437  
    Outfix DOS Western Europe255OEM-850 Outfix Mac Western 255PT-201
    Outfix DOS Central Europe255OEM-852 Outfix Mac Central Europe255PT-202
    Outfix DOS Baltic 255OEM-775 Outfix Mac Cyrillic 255PT-251
    Outfix DOS Cyrillic II 255OEM-866 Outfix Mac Arabic 255PT-241
    Outfix DOS Arabic 255OEM-720 Outfix Mac Greek 255PT-221
    Outfix DOS Greek 255OEM-737 Outfix Mac Hebrew 255PT-231
    Outfix DOS Hebrew 255OEM-862 Outfix Mac Turkish 255PT-203
    Outfix DOS Turkish 255OEM-857 Outfix Mac Armenian 255PT-271
    Outfix DOS Cyrillic 255OEM-855 Outfix Mac Georgian 255PT-281
    Outfix DOS Armenian 255   
    Outfix DOS Georgian 255  Outfix KOI8 255KOI8-U
      Outfix Russian Phonetic 0 
    Outfix Russian Pseudo 0 

    You can view every character set by using the following dialog box:

    After the Outfix font was installed into your Windows, it will appear in the Font Dialog Box as following:


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