VERY Ltd.®   IExplore2ô   [ver. 0.7]

The program makes it possible to continue using Microsoft Internet Explorer under Windows 10.
Run it with the parameter "/?" for details.

What is this for?
  1. There is legacy software (as well as hardware) that requires IE. Updating it naturally means new costs that the user wants to avoid.
  2. IE is now the only browser that fully supports the ďfile:Ē protocol, which is convenient for both debugging HTML pages and running them over Ethernet.
  3. IE provides the correct mechanism to convert 8-bit texts when entities are needed for some foreign language inclusions. We donít know of any free (or paid) program that can compare to IE in this regard.

This software is completely free.
It is not listed in the Microsoft catalog and your OS will likely report it as a suspicious program.
Nevertheless it does not contain viruses, spyware, external vulnerabilities, hidden communication channels, etc.
It doesnít change the programs on your system, it just runs them differently.
However, we donít plan to spend time formally proving this, so you only have our word of honor (and your antivirus program).
If you donít want it, donít take it.


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