CDswitch  VERY Ltd. ® VetCard™

This application is written especially for urban veterinaries and intended for storing information about clients - owners of dogs and cats.

The program has a built-in database with following data:

  • an illustrated list of cat and dog colors;
  • a list of most wide spreaded medical procedures;
  • a list of more then 200 breeds, while user can automatically open a web-site with detailed description of each breed.

    Every list is user customizable.
    Possibility of automatic phone call to the client is stipulated.
    Supported languages of User interface are English, Hebrew and Russian.
    Toolbar and Layout are fully customized.

    Rough retail price of one licensed copy - US $1000. The price includes free technical support.
    For an extra charge the author is ready to make program changes according to particular user request.
    In order to buy the licensed copy of the application please write to, or fax to +1 (831) 618-7586.

    The author is ready to discuss possibility of sale the program copyright.

    The working model of user interface of application (for MS Internet Explorer) is given below.

    Add New Card (Ctrl+N) Save current Card (Ctrl+S) Remove current Card Dial to Client (F11) Find Card (Ctrl+F) Find Next (F3) Refresh Report (F5) First Card (F6) Previous Card (F7) Next Card (F8) Last Card (F9) Set Font Set Background Color Customize Toolbar... Set Language Left to Right Right to Left Send Feedback by Mail... About Application... Owner Animal Visit Report

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