Translated from Arabian to Russian by M. Salie (1930-ties)

Computer edition Very Ltd., Israel, 2004

The present computer edition (ver. 1.09) prepared in 2004 with program n-Cyclop, developed by company Very Ltd., Israel.
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This edition of "The Arabian Nights" ("A Thousand Nights and a Night") in Russian is intended not so much for light reading or entertaining, rather then for work with the text of this classical masterpiece of the Oriental literature. Its distinguishing features are, first of all, the presence of the advanced navigation system for example, by the number of a night and by the name of a tale, and means of search inside the text by given word or phrase.

For instance, using this edition you can easily find out exact place in the book, were the quotation you met is taken from, or, on the contrary, quickly find pertinent quotation on keywords you are interested in.